BVC World Meet Aug 5-7, 2022 - READ THE FAQs!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Do I have to be present to accept my merchandise?

Yes! ONLY One package per person can be picked up.

  1. What does the VIP patch look like?

Don't worry about it! We honestly don’t know yet.

  1. How many VIP patches are being made?


  1. Does my spouse have to buy a tier if she doesn't want any merch?

No, there will be a spouse option to add on.

  1. Where do I pick up my merchandise?

At the Meet & Greet on Friday. VIP will have a separate booth to pick up.

  1. What if I want to purchase a VIP patch only?

Kinda defeats the purpose of being a VIP.

  1. Can I pay cash when I get there? 


  1. Can I get my purchase before the event?

NO! See question #5

  1. Does the package include my entrance fee?


  1. Is there a shipping option?

NO! See question #1

  1. Can I buy a tier for someone other than myself?

Sure, if you're rolling like that. But refer to question #1.

  1. Can I pickup merch for someone else? 

Refer to question #1

  1. What if my flight gets cancelled or I can't make it to the meet to pick up my merchandise?

Sorry we don't have an act of God clause. Refer to question #1.

Your merchandise will be donated to our next auction and we'll have a little plaque with your name as the donor. You're such an amazing angel donor! 

  1. What if I ordered the wrong size shirt? 

Slim down or bulk up! Changes can be made to shirt sizes up to 3 months before the event, cutoff date will be announced. 

  1. How many tiers can I buy?

Please limit yourself to 1 package per person. If you show up picking up more than one package per person... I will not only put you on blast, I will post your greedy ass photo all over social media... Don't be that guy.

  1. Where can I get another WMBVC2020 patch?

At the next WMBVC2020

  1. Can I pay you extra so I can get the VIP tier first?

You can pay me as much as you want... You'll be the first to know when the site launches after I tell everyone else.

  1. What if when the site launches and I'm sleeping or at work because of the time difference?

You better invest in some coffee or call in sick!

  1. When will the designs and the rest of the package merchandise be announced?

As soon as they are completed. We are not rushing the VIP patch, we want it to be something special and different, so please we ask that you be patient. Follow us on Instagram to make sure your notified and receive all the updates @BVCGear @Beardedvillainschicago 

  1. When will the packages be available for sale?


  1. Why are all the packages SOLD OUT, am I too late?

The packages are NOT SOLD OUT yet, they are not available until after the launch date. See Question #20

  1. Are these the final prices for the packages?

As of now, Yes. Prices may change before the actual launch date. Depending on what we offer. Refer to Question #19 for updates.

  1. What sizes are the sizes for the shirts?

Small through 5XL. These are Unisex shirt.

  1. Why can’t I add it to my cart?

    Cause you obviously didn’t read through all the FAQs!

  1. Why does the VIP package cost so much?

It obviously wasn’t meant for you, keep moving along.